Touch The Sky EP

Touch The Sky EP

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Stands for extended play (A know, eh?! Whooda thunk it!) This is a wee thank you. A thank you to all of you who were very enthusiastic about me releasing an album or at least a wee CD of my favourite songs so that you can all listen, enjoy and support me finally doing what I love for a living. On this 8+ tracks EP you’ll find a few favourites from the live concert I did in London. You’ll find covers and originals. We debated just making it all my covers of Scottish songs but I am so blessed and grateful that you all support my original music as much as you like the covers. So again, thank you for being so enthusiastic about my music and encouraging me to keep writing. 

If anyone knows me, they know that I love my country and I am very proud to be born and raised in Scotland. One of my favourite pass-times is climbing Munro’s up in the Highlands. This cover art is very much a love letter to Scotland. It’s my fuzzy wee head, opening my arms and being completely in my element on a hill in the Highlands. I wanted to give you a bit of that atmosphere without physically squishing you in a suitcase and carrying you up a mountain with me... because that’s illegal. 

** “Ma wee darlins!” actually comes from an affectionate name I give all my friends. I have a lot of friends in England and because we can’t see each other every day, we will talk on WhatsApp. As you all know, I will fully type in my Scottish slang most of the time. I always call them “wee darlins” and I would get messages back from them saying that they could hear my voice when they read it and it just warmed my heart. So Liz, Cookie, Moosh, Poppy, Simon and Karen... this is all your fault. You are all my wee darlins now. Forever and ever. 

***Song List***

  • Touch The Sky
  • Apocalypse
  • Jacob
  • I’d Rather Go Blind
  • Secret
  • Far Side Of The World
  • Noble Maiden Fair
  • Bonnie Lass of Fyvie
  • The Drunken Scotsmen
Bonus Track – My Mother Told Me

*These are pre-order and will be printed late November/early December. We are trying very hard to get them ready and sent for potentially Christmas or New Year and by doing them all in one whack it's better for the environment. Saving the planet wan tune at a time!